Resuming my weekly Goddess posts, a la Nancy Blair’s Goddesses for Every Season (Copyright 1995, Element Books, Inc., Rockport, Massachusetts), the Goddess for the First Week of Autumn Is the Willendorf Goddess.

This Goddess Is also known as the Venus of Willendorf, as well as the Woman of Willendorf.  According to an article I read on Wikipedia, a statuette of this Goddess was discovered in 1908 during an excavation conducted near the city of Krems in Austria.

What I find fascinating and wonderful about this image of the Willendorf Goddess Is that She Is no stick!  In other words, She Is rich and ripe, full and flowing.

Especially in American society, there is this stigma attached to being full-figured, overweight, etc.  Although we rarely see any news items about it, these days, anorexia nervosa is still in existence today.  People continue to hate themselves for the ways their bodies look, and for the ways their bodies do not look.

My Sense of the Willendorf Goddess Is that She Is.  She has none of the body issues that many women (and men) have today, especially in the United States of America.

Years ago, I saw an image on the Internet that stated that a dog does not care about the size of your hips.  Neither do cats, by the way.

For me, the Willendorf Goddess Is a Re-Minder that a woman, a man, a Living Goddess having a human experience and a Living God having a human experience can be perfectly happy and healthy regardless of what his or her body does or does not look like.

Now, I AM no doctor, nor am I a professional in the medical industry, but spending time around so many doctors and nurses for more than a year, I AM Re-Minded of some simple and sublime truths:


1. Move your body in ways that please you;

2. Spend time with people who COMPLETELY nourish your Body and Soul;

3. Do your best in everything you do;

4. Love yourselves completely, no matter what;

5. Remember that YOU ARE Divine.


The Willendorf Goddess Is here to Re-Mind you to be happy and well.  And, I invite all of you to call on Her, this week, or always, and especially if any health or body image issues arise for you.

We were not born to look exactly like Jenna Jameson or Austin Wilde, but we were born to be happy and Abundant in all the ways that make a difference for us.

We cannot go against DNA.  If you are dark-skinned, then you are dark-skinned.  If you are Latino or Latina, then you are Latino or Latina.

But today, and every day (or, at the very least, as often as possible), look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I LOVE YOU.  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL (or, HANDSOME, if you prefer).  I AM PROUD OF YOU.”

And mean it!

I wish to share with you the Affirmation that Nancy Blair included in the section on the Willendorf Goddess.  For the men reading this, I AM slightly editing it.  And here it is:


“I love the Earth, my Mother, as I love my Body.  I AM uniquely beautiful (or handsome, if you prefer) inside, outside and all over.  I shall not live by standards that are not my own.  My body is a Miracle.”


Before I close, let me acknowledge my newest blog followers.  There are a few of them, so bear with me one moment.  They are: “Alex Curic,” “katielady,” “projectlighttolife,” and “Wise Womyn Productions.”  Thank you, one and all, for following “This Is Who I AM.”  May all of you receive Divine Blessings of Divine Joy, Divine Riches and Divine Success from all the Celestial Beings that are especially Sacred to you.

And for those of you already following and reading “This Is Who I AM,” thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do, too.  May we all continue to receive Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Prosperity and Divine Peace.

And may we continue to be Divinely Protected from all those that wish to cause us even ever-so-slight harm.willendorfgoddess

It is natural for me to write posts about being a Witch, a Psychic, an Astrologer and an Energy Healing Practitioner.  However, I AM also a Gay Man, and I need to write more posts about my life as a Gay Man; this is one of those posts.

Last night, one of my beautiful and lovely friends treated me to attend the 2013 International Escort Awards, commonly known as the Hookies Awards.  One could say that this is the Gay Porn equivalent to the “People’s Choice Awards.”  Essentially, people vote for the nominees they want to win.

It was my first time at this event, and I learned so much.  No, seriously, I had no idea there was such a category as “Best Daddy,” “Best Twink,” “Best Fetish Escort,”  Of course, some categories did not surprise me, such as “Best Cock,” “Best Ass,” and there was one category, that had to do with models who also carry a sense of fashion and style (sorry, I do not recall the exact phrasing of the award).

As I have written previously, both on this blog and on Facebook, I AM not a free spirit.  Well, I do not know myself to be one.  However, I promised myself and my friend that I would be free-spirited, and I was.  And I encouraged my friend to be more free-spirited, too.

For those of you who do not have Twitter, here is a transcription of my Tweets from last night and this morning:

I AM at the Hookies at Roseland Ballroom.

Having a great time at the Hookies in NYC.  And being free-spirited, too.  I even met uber-sexually delicious Adam Killian.

I just met Austin Wilde ten minutes ago.  And yes, he looks just as yummy in clothes!

And yes, I did realize that it would be nice if I was photographed with these sexy studs!

I just met Matinga of HOMEWERQ!!

So many Hookie Awards and so much Testosterone.  Pan, Bes and Dionysos Are STRONG tonight!

The Awards portion of the night is complete.  I AM sitting down for a bit then enjoying the rest of the night and the Vibe.

I really do not want to leave the Hookies.  Goddess Knows, I needed this relief from all the stress and crap!  But the time is nigh.


As I read what I Tweeted, there was this hopefulness and freedom that I, like many of my fellow Gay Men, as well as Lesbians and Transgender-to-be people never experienced in high school (or grammar school, etc.).  There was a fun and a lightness to my Tweets.

I just spent a moment thinking about the last time I lived my life completely light, as opposed to heavy (Energetically and emotionally).  Could not recall.  Even earlier today, when I was in the elevator in my apartment building, I had two bags with me, and the other person in the elevator commented and said, “Wow!  Two heavy bags.”  My reply was something along the lines that those are only the bags you see.

Dear blog followers and readers, please keep in Mind that there is no more bitterness in my Being, and there are times when I wish my life had happened differently, and sometimes when I wake up I can already feel the gunk of the day.  And last night was so much fun.

I recall THE Mr. Pam (the only woman worth having at a Gay Porn shoot) saying how beautiful it was that the Hookies exist.  There is a community there that is all-welcoming.  Indeed, in spite of the 21st Century and this being the United States of America, there remains a lot of prejudice towards Gay Men, Lesbians, Transgendered people, men that dress up in women’s clothes, men who do not have sex with just one woman, etc.

So, here I AM, an unbroken, Healing Gay Man, who is also a Happily-Recovered-Catholic,  a Moon Magick Witch, a Psychic, an Energy Healing Practitioner, a writer and a Cuban Capricorn.  There you go.

Thanks to the Jack Manly Blog for this great image of the Hookies 2013 Awards show.

Thanks to the Jack Manly Blog for this great image of the Hookies 2013 Awards show.


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