Here is some more about me:


1. I live with three beautiful cats: Isis, the Alpha Female, a Burmese, who is almost completely black, with the exception of a small patch of white on the bottom of her neck and white “panties;” Kore, my Calico who is as silent as her namesake; and Durga the Kitten (also known as , Durga the Tabby Tigress, Spider-Cat, and, of course, “CHICA!”), a dark gray Tabby with cream-white and very light brown markings.

2. My Primary Pantheon is the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon.  The Goddess Who gave Birth to my Soul Is Auset/Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Magick, Witchcraft, Psychic Powers, Healing Love and Restorative Love.  Although I honor Ausar/Osiris, Auset’s Divine Consort, I find a closer connection to Tehuti/Thoth, the Egyptian Ibis-Headed God of the Moon, Writing and Wisdom.

3. These days, I listen to more than any other genre of music, Contemporary R & B, Cuban music from the 30s-70s, Dance, Hip-Hop, Rap and anything African.

4. My Secondary Pantheon is the Pantheon of Lukumi (more commonly referred to as Santeria).  I AM not a Santero; I AM an Aleyo, an uninitiated devotee of that Pantheon.  Nonetheless, I have been told that my Mother in this Pantheon is Oshun (I know, big shock!) and my Father in this Pantheon is Shango.

5. I rarely watch motion pictures, but the few times I do, they are usually Dramas, Science Fiction, or anything with a comic book character (especially Marvel).

6. My Tertiary Pantheon is the Pantheon of Vodou.  These days, I have a strong connection with Damballah.  I once had a strong connection to Ezili Freda Dahomey.  However, after reconnecting with my Afro-Cuban heritage, I AM much closer to one of Her Sisters, Ezili Danto.  Incidentally, my late maternal grandmother’s grandmother was a black woman.

7. I AM, in truth, an anti-social man.  I do socialize and there are times when I AM more than happy to do so.  However, there are moments when I feel I need to forget the world exists.  Truly, I find it keeps me sane.

8. These days, Balance has become very important to me.  For example, I love spending hours on the Internet, but I also know how Healing and Balancing it is for me to have “Unplugged/Off-the-Internet” days.

9. Truly, there are too many men walking around that truly need to call me.  Enough said.

10. More than anything else, books and music are oxygen to me.  I still find it bizarre that there have been days when I have neither read a book nor listened to music.  Those days, it is by the Grace of Goddess I AM alive.

11. One of my favorite expressions was said by (the late and great) Eleanor Roosevelt: “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

12. I have the Soul of a Poet.

13. I AM so very beyond long overdue to go to Paris, France (then again, I AM also so very beyond long overdue to obtain a passport, but I digress).


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