Relearning Who You Are

This week, I have received several lovely Emails from several lovely individuals.  What I have noticed is that, in most of said Emails, there were statements the senders made that do not correspond to my experiences of them.

Of all of them, I only know two of them for several years, so I felt more comfortable commenting on what they wrote.  In both instances, they were surprised to see that they still thought of themselves a certain way.

Recently, I sent a “Prosperous Minds Lead to Prosperous Lives” Email about Jupiter’s Transit in Gemini.  One of the things I wrote was that, with this Astrological Marriage of expansion (Jupiter) and communication (Gemini), people would need to “step up their game” regarding being in communication to and with others, especially in the areas of Money and Prosperity.

However, Gemini is also the Sign of the Intellect and the Mind.  How do we really see ourselves, and is it really the “truth?”

In spite of having three Planets in Capricorn, I always thought of myself as undisciplined.  However, when I first began using John Randolph Price’s “40-Day Prosperity Plan,” I not only successfully accomplished using it for the full forty days, I immediately began a second, successful go-round of the Plan.  Incidentally, I AM currently in my seventh go-round.  Now, I know myself to be disciplined, and capable of being disciplined, no matter what is or is not going on in or around my life.

What have you always known about yourself that, in spite of no longer being true, you still act as if it is?  I look forward to hearing your comments on this matter.  Thank you.

3 comments on “Relearning Who You Are

    • I must say, although this time around I AM not participating in your amazing “Writing the Energetic Body” Workshop (le sigh), I find it fascinating that I AM so “in tune” with it. I recently led a first-time Event called “Inner Spirit: Creating and Increasing an Awareness of the Divine,” and I led it on the third day of the Crown Chakra period of your current “WEB” Workshop. That my Event was scheduled before I knew when you would begin your next “WEB” Workshop is truly no coincidence. And please, my friend, write when you can; I know you have been especially busy of late. Nonetheless, this comment is lovely, and I AM most thankful.


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