3rd Annual Yule Market Thank You

I AM so very beyond most thankful to everyone–and I do mean everyone–who made the Moon Serpent and Bone 3rd Annual Yule Oddities & Curiosities Market.

First and foremost, I wish to thank Amy C. Wilson, who is not only the Living Goddess who founded Moon Serpent and Bone but she also offers the various Markets, such as the Virtual Full Moon Magickal Night Market.

She and her assistant Caryn were friendly, professional, and had truly lovely energy. Fun fact: until Friday, December 10, 2021, my interactions with Amy were totally, via Email. I had no idea what she looked like, nor what her voice sounded like until roughly two weeks ago.

Second, the staff and volunteers of the Locust Grove Estate were especially helpful, professional and simply wonderful.

I had the opportunity to arrive earlier on the date of the 3rd Annual Yule Market, and it gave me the opportunity to walk around the grounds. This Estate was once the home of Samuel F. B. Morse, the inventor of the telegraph. I arrived early to take a walk around the grounds and I was so happy to do so. As someone with so many Planets in Earth Signs, spending time in Nature, especially with a lot of trees, grass, rocks, etc., is very important to me.

Of course, I AM especially thankful to my fellow Readers and Magickal Practitioners, as well as all the vendors. There was one vendor who sold baked goods, and I visited her table TWICE that night. I can still smell and taste that mini carrot loaf and that mini pumpkin loaf. Also, the vanilla icings were so good!!

Of course, I want to thank everyone who attended, who availed themselves of Readings, Energy Healing Treatments, as well as purchased items from the vendors. In addition, I want to thank everyone who spread the word, both online and off.

Finally, I AM especially thankful to everyone’s commitment to stop the spread of covid19. Everyone in attendance, as well as the vendors, Readers, etc., was required to wear a face mask, to be vaccinated for covid19, and to provide proof of vaccination. I must say, it was lovely to see so many people wearing face masks correctly.

More than anything else, I AM especially thankful to Amy for offering a Blessing Ritual. As some of you well know, this was not my first time offering my Psychic Services at a public venue. I have offered Readings at Psychic Fairs off and on for more than a decade.

However, the Witch in me always wondered why the organizer never offered a Blessing Ritual, a Prayer, a huddle, whatever you want to call it, before the event began. It is something that I have longed for, and I remain immensely thankful that I finally experienced it.

The Moon Serpent and Bone Markets resume in March, 2022, only three months away, and I cannot wait! Although I did not have a new tablet prior to this Market, I remained available for both Phone and Video Sessions. That shall remain the case for the next Market.

In fact, I expect to have my new tablet by no later than February, 2022, which is perfect, as I shall be back at Notions-N-Potions in beautiful Beacon, New York, at that time.

To learn more about Moon Serpent and Bone and their offerings, you can visit :


To find out more about the Locust Grove Estate, you can visit:


You can also watch the accompanying YouTube video about my Gratitude and Praise, in which I also share some of the highlights of my experience.

Here is the video:

PHOTO CREDIT: Moon Serpent and Bone.

Of course, before I close, I wish to thank all of you who have been following this, my professional, Metaphysically-oriented WordPress Blog, “This Is Who I AM,” and/or my personal, LGBTQIAPlus WordPress Blog, “This Gay Man’s Life…” for a while now.

May the Great Goddess always provide you and yours with Love, Peace, Abundance, Prosperity, Health, Healing and Joy.

Stay tuned for the next blog post.

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