Ladies and gentlemen, blog followers and blog readers, it is very safe to say that I prefer to live in the world of Magick, in the world of the Spiritual, the Realm of the Goddess.  I have no problem being realistic, or dealing with my life in a practical way, but the Mystical, Magickal, Metaphysical, and Spiritual are “where it’s at” for me.

Nonetheless, to accurately write this blog post, I needed to fully immerse myself in the world of men.  Specifically, the world of men of science, and the world of men of medicine.  I AM not fond of these worlds, as you shall soon read.

First, let me recap a few things.  As most of you know, I had what I refer to as a Divinely Orchestrated stroke on Tuesday, August 28, 2012.  I was back in the hospital in August, 2013, and no, I was not surprised.

As someone who has been reading Louise L. Hay’s works for many years, I AM fully aware that some people intertwine their physical wellness (or lack thereof) with the calendar.  The fact that I was back in the hospital one year after my Divinely Orchestrated stroke was not lost on me.

However, this past April, 2014 was when I had what I call my health scare.

You see, I have always enjoyed walking.  It is one of the best forms of exercise, one can do it regardless of what one is wearing (in other words, no special equipment is required), and, it gets me where I need to go, sometimes more effectively than even a bus or a cab.

More than ten years ago, I recall volunteering in Edison, New Jersey.  One night, when I arrived at the Journal Square Transportation Center in Jersey City, New Jersey, I discovered that I had missed the last bus of the night, going where I needed to go.

I had a few options: I could take a PATH train to Manhattan, then head back to New Jersey (which made no sense to me!), or I could take one of the overpriced cabs in Journal Square.  I opted for neither, and walked (yes, WALKED) the five miles from Journal Square to where I needed to go.  And so I did.

So, this past April, when I went to a local clinic approximately fourteen blocks away from my apartment building, I had to literally stop–twice–to catch my breath.  This scared me to the core.  In fact, it terrified me.  I had never had that kind of experience before.  Ever!

I knew that I needed to go back to the hospital, and I also knew I did not want to do so.  However, one of my personal confidants, who is also quite skilled at seeing Auras, and he told me that my Aura was dimming.  In other words, I was dying.

So, I got over it, and I went back to the hospital.

I underwent several tests, lowered my sodium and fluid levels, received excellent care, and was only in the hospital for four days.  Also, I met the Internist that has been treating my heart condition.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, blog followers and blog readers, is one of several reasons why I prefer to remain in the world of Magick, as opposed to the world of men of medicine and science.

Back in August, 2013, I was diagnosed with having Congenital Heart Failure (or, CHF, for short).  Essentially, my heart does not pump out a minimum of seventy per cent of the blood that my heart receives.  In fact, it pumps out between 15-20 per cent.

With that, my Internist began prescribing the following medications: Coreg, Vasotec, Pepcid, Lasix, and a prescribed, as opposed to over-the-counter Aspirin.  To this, I also take a Men’s Multi-Vitamin complex, and Co Q-10.  In addition, I make certain to maintain a low consumption of no more than 600 milligrams of sodium per meal, no more than 2400 per day, and no more than 32 fluid ounces (water, coffee, tea, etc.).

On Monday, November 10, 2014, I went back to the hospital (as an outpatient), to have an echocardiogram, and then went to my appointment with my Internist.  As the results were not available the same day, I knew I would need to go back so that my doctor could discuss the results with me.

With that, I returned on Monday, November 24, 2014 and my doctor discussed the results with me.

When my doctor informed me that the echocardiogram showed no change in the condition of my heart, I simply had no strength, no desire, no anger in me to cry, to scream, even to become upset.  It was a few hours after I returned home that I had the desire to become angry.

This nonsense of “But, I’ve been a good boy, I did was what expected of me, I behaved” blazed through my Mind.  And for what?  I find myself back at where I started.

I do not mind telling you that my hypochondria began to reassert itself, and I simply felt frustrated.

And so, I remembered some basic, Divine Truths that have served me well, all my life:


Stand for the possibility of having it all.

Use Affirmations, Decrees and “Words of Power” to Heal ALL of you.

Use Metaphysical Methods and Sacred Tools to Heal all your life.

Be honest with yourself; if necessary, painfully so, blunt.

Honor your complete Being: Body, Mind and Soul.

Resume a personal journal writing practice (I already did!).

Love your whole Being, and your whole life, no matter what.


Of course, it also helped that I have a great conversation with Kelvin, who is a certified Life Coach, as well as someone skilled in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (or, NLP, for short).  You can read more about him by reading “Some Illumined Insight from Kelvin” by visiting

One of the Illumined Insights I received from our Cosmic Coffee Klatch was that I had invested so much time and energy in proving my doctors wrong.  I became more interested in being right, as opposed to being happy (and healthy, for that matter).

And with that, I stopped focusing on my doctors, and began focusing on me, on what and who I love, as well as eating more fruits, vegetables, grains, and refraining from being afraid if I happen to eat more than 600 milligrams in one meal, as well as if I happen to drink more than 32 fluid ounces in a day (or, night, as the case may be).

Medically speaking, the next step is a cardiac catheter test, which honestly, I AM dreading, nonetheless, I AM going to meet with the cardiologist who shall conduct it before the end of this month, as I AM meeting with my Internist in early January, 2015, and I want him to have those results, sooner than later.

In closing, I can honestly say that I have never been inclined to escape my problems with drugs, alcohol, food or sex, but the thought of living out the rest of my life on a deserted island did appeal to me.  For a moment.

However, Holy Spirit Goddess continues to believe that my character needs to continue to be built, hence challenges and trials.

Personally, I still believe that I could achieve OUTSTANDING character with Wealth, a mansion, a few pieces of Harry Winston, Cartier, and Tiffany and Company jewelry, as well as a harem of sexy, deliciously hairy men.  Oh, and a driver, and a cappuccino machine.  Clearly, the Goddess disagrees.

Nonetheless, I have more work to do and more living to do, too.cadeceus heart

The last few months, my physical, emotional, and Spiritual Energy levels, as well as physical, emotional, and Spiritual Health and Well-Being have been wonderful.

So much so that, I successfully published a post for each of my WordPress Blogs (both, this one, “This Is Who I AM” and “This Gay Man’s Life…”) for the first twenty-one days of National Blog Posting Month (also known as NaBloPoMo, for short).

Twenty-one times two is forty-two, and I AM happy and proud of myself that I wrote twenty-one blog posts for “This Is Who I AM,” and twenty-one blog posts for “This Gay Man’s Life…”

Part of me feels that I hit a creative wall, which is why I did not write one post per day, per blog from Saturday, November 22, until yesterday, Saturday, November 29, 2014.  Another part of me feels that, given how especially busy I have been, simply needed a lot more rest and relaxation.

I have often felt and believed that writing is a very mental activity that exerts more Energy than physical activity, such as exercise, and sometimes can be more taxing on one’s complete Being, as well.

I recall going to be at approximately 3:09AM on Thursday, November 27, 2014, and I did not wake up until roughly 12:45PM, later that day.

From the time that I was a little boy, I have rarely, if ever, slept eight hours a night, never mind more than that.  That I literally slept roughly nine hours still surprises me.

Nonetheless, I AM proud of what I accomplished with both of my WordPress Blogs.

Moving forward, I AM looking forward to creating a balance between both of my WordPress Blogs, as well as maintaining both a personal journal writing and Spiritual Writing practice.

What I mean by Spiritual Writing practice, I mean writing Prayers, Sacred Poetry that honors that Goddesses and Gods, as well as resuming a Tarot Journal and an Oracle Card/Divination Deck Journal, as well.

For some of you that sounds like a lot of writing, but it simply means that I shall spend more time writing, as opposed to reading.  More time writing, as opposed to watching TV on  More time writing, as opposed to watching videos on YouTube.

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of returning to one of the most beautiful and literary landmarks of Manhattan, NYC, The Strand Bookstore.  While there, I found two magnets.  One reads “Keep Calm and Read On” and depicts a book at the top, and the other reads “Keep Calm and Write On,” which depicts a quill in an ink well.

The “Keep Calm and Read On” magnet is on my refrigerator, but the “Keep Calm and Write On” is on a metal can that once housed dark chocolate artisan rolled wafers, and currently houses several Number 2 pencils.

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest followers.  They are: “williamthebutler,” “Felicity,” and “MelodyR.”  Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  May you receive Divine Joy, Divine Riches, and Divine Success from following “This Is Who I AM.”

And for those of you who already follow or read “This Is Who I AM,” may you continue to receive Bountiful Blessings of Divine Protection, Divine Prosperity, and Divine Peace.

Good night.Twinkling-Good-Night-Graphic

It has been a long time since I have given all of you an update on my overall health.

For now, I can tell you that physically, I feel worlds better than I did in April, 2014.

Emotionally, I continue to do well, although I did have a challenging day the day-before-yesterday, Wednesday, November 19, 2014.

However, I realized that the emotional challenges that I encountered that day were the Goddesses and Angels Re-Minding me of maintaining my Spiritual Practices.

Indeed, I spent a portion of my day rereading The Dynamic Laws of Healing, by Catherine Ponder (Copyright 1966, Revised Copyright, 1985, DeVorss Publications, Camarillo, California), as I had been Divinely Guided to reread this book earlier this year, if not late last year.

Also, I finally feel comfortable having a full meal in a restaurant.  After being given a “prescription” of a sodium-and-fluid reduced regimen, the only thing I felt comfortable consuming from any eatery was a small cup of coffee and a plain roll, toasted, with butter.

Now, I feel comfortable having a sandwich, or pasta, or soup, and I remain Mindful of sodium content, as well as how much fluid I have consumed in a day.

It feels good to no longer be afraid to eat or drink.  That may seem an odd statement, but it is a true reflection of my feelings of late.

Next Monday, November 24, I meet with my primary health care physician, who is an internist, to discuss the results of the echocardiogram I had done on Monday, November 10, 2014.  Both my doctor and I feel that the results shall be favorable.  I AM looking forward to discussing the results with him.

After those results, I shall have a more complete, full health update for all of you.

For now, thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.healthmap


A much better and much busier day for me today, however, in honor of Day 20 of NaBloPoMo, I AM reblogging this, from the early days of “This Is Who I AM.” Thank you.

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This past weekend, I was scheduled to attend four special events.  However, because of several reasons (none bad, just annoying) I was only able to attend three of them.

The first one was a Wiccan Ordination to see two women become Priestesses as well as Reverends.  This was this past Saturday, March 23, 2013.  It was a beautiful ceremony, and I was surprised at how much Power and Energy was raised.  And I was happy to have made a gift for one of the Priestesses, the one who invited me.

The other event on Saturday night was attending the Birthday party of The Amazing Nicole Tomassini.  You would have thought it was my Birthday.  I ate like a King!  Now, I rarely drink alcohol or eat meat within two days before either conducting Readings or leading a Metaphysical Class or Ritual, but there was so much crappy stress in my…

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Better day today, much busier day today, but a new blog post is coming. Nonetheless, in honor of Day 20 of NaBloPoMo, I reblog this post. Thank you.

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Lesbians, my fellow Gay Men, Bisexuals, Transgendered folks, and our straight allies: I wish to apologize for not having written a blog post on “This Gay Man’s Life…” in too long a time.

Frankly, life got in the way.  Specifically, some physical health issues got in the way.

Briefly, for roughly two weeks, I had difficulty breathing.  It was severe to the point that I could no longer lay down to sleep; if I wanted to sleep, I would need to sit in the big, easy chair in my living room.

And so, I went to the emergency room of one of the best hospitals in my area this past Monday, April 21; while there, I was given several antibiotics, Lasix, an incredibly powerful diuretic (especially for me, as it makes me pee like a race horse!), nebulizer treatments for my lungs, plenty of rest and plenty of great care…

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As it has been one of those days, I AM reblogging this post. Enjoy and Heal.

Originally posted on This Is Who I AM:

Although the vast majority of people who come to me do so for Intuitive Card Readings (Tarot, Goddess Cards, et al), I have people who also come to me for Energy Healing Treatments.  I have been a Reiki Master for approximately nine years, and am also a Mahatma Infusion Energy Therapist.  I have been attuned to some other Energy Healing Systems, as well.

I think virtually every Energy Healing Practitioner I have ever met has a strong affinity with Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healer of the Archangels.  I have had a strong connection to this Beautiful Archangel for many years and often venerate Him on Wednesdays.  In Magickal Traditions, Wednesday is the Day of Mercury (Planet of Communication), and this Planet is Astrologically connected to the Divine Healer of the Archangels.

In the Sacred Tarot, Archangel Raphael can be found on Trump VI, The Lovers Card.  I have always found this most appropriate…

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Today has been one of those days, so I AM reblogging one of my earliest, and most provocative of blog posts. Enjoy and think.

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Sometimes I wonder if I AM a militant homosexual.  Sometimes I think there is no way I could be one.

Sometimes I think that I shall become one if I allow myself to be  a free spirit all the time, as opposed to, occasionally (read: rarely).

Yesterday, Friday, March 28, 2014, I was thinking about how I walk.  Thirty-two per cent of the time, I walk like I AM in a music video; thirty-three per cent of the time I walk like I AM in the military; thirty-five per cent of the time I walk like George Jefferson (portrayed brilliantly by [the late and great] Sherman Hemsley).

So far, in my life, I have signed numerous petitions, but have only been to two Gay Pride Parades (both in Manhattan), and I have yet to take part in a demonstration.  Also, as soon as I find out that a company does…

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