“Honoring Your Prosperity: Working Your Program”

Good afternoon, dear blog followers and readers, and a Happy Thursday and Day of Jupiter (Planet of Prosperity) to all of you!

This is the very second, as opposed to the very first “Honoring Your Prosperity” post, an ongoing series of posts that are exclusive to my blog, “This Is Who I AM.”  The very first “Honoring Your Prosperity” Post debuted on Monday, July 23, 2012, exactly two weeks and three days ago.

Today I AM writing about “working your program.”  As I have mentioned previously, I began leading Prosperity Classes in November, 2001.  In that time, I have discovered (among other things) that people have a tendency to stop using what works.

Whenever someone participates in one of my group Prosperity Classes, or avails himself or herself of one of my private Prosperity Classes, I look to see what happens in his or her life for the three months following it.  If he or she uses what he or she learns (or, re-learns, as the case may be), then he or she almost always, if not always Prospers.

However, if he or she does nothing with the knowledge and wisdom he or she acquired–knowledge and wisdom that he or she spent time, energy and money to obtain–then it is extremely unlikely that he or she shall Prosper.  In fact, it has been my experience that he or she rarely does.

Please understand: if you are learning how to use Metaphysical Methods or mundane ones, Sacred Tools or secular ones, as well as spend time, energy and money to learn them, and then you do not use them, then–regardless of who is doing the teaching–you have wasted your time, energy and money.  In addition, you are defeating the purpose of becoming Prosperous, which was the original intention.

So, let us take a look at two of my favorite Metaphysical Methods and one of my favorite Sacred Tools for creating, manifesting and maintaining Divine Prosperity:


AFFIRMATIONS: Do you use them?  If so, how often?  Once a day?  Once a week?  Once a month?  Do you Affirm something once or more than once?  Do you Affirm several times a day or several times a week?  Do you Affirm something positive, empowering and Prosperous, but then follow it with a thought, word or mental image (also Affirmations) that are negative, disempowering and poverty-inducing?

BLESSINGS: Do you Bless yourself?  Do you Bless others?  Do you Bless your business cards, cell phone, bank accounts, wallet, or anything else that brings you money or keeps it flowing in your world?  Do you Bless your clients, customers, students, friends, family members, Love Mates, or anyone else that brings or gives you money?  Do you Bless anyone that gives you gifts?  Do you Bless your car, the subway, the bus, the taxi, any vehicle you use to bring Money and Prosperity into your life?

CRYSTALS: Do you use Crystals?  How often?  Do you carry them with you?  Do you cleanse them?  If so, how do you cleanse them?  And how often?  Do you charge them up with Moonlight and Sunlight for at least seven days?  How do you use them?


Ladies and gentlemen, my intention is not to overwhelm you.  Please know that I neither expect nor require that you answer all of the aforementioned questions (although, if you answered all twenty-two questions [yes, my dears, I counted them] I would be enormously pleased, but I digress).  However, my intention from the aforementioned section is to Divinely Inspire you to be aware of any thoughts, feelings or mental images–conscious or unconscious–you may have regarding Money and Prosperity.

About two years ago, I recall receiving an Email from a first time participant of one of my “Divine Prosperity Events.”  She told me that, although she enjoyed the Event, nothing was happening in her life, regarding Money and Prosperity.  Also, I read between the lines, and what I read there was not pretty.

Well, I was outraged!  In fact, I could hear the Mistress of Righteous Indignation immediately screeching, “HOW DARE SHE!  SHE IS MESSING WITH THE WRONG BITCH!”

Now, let me assure all of you that I refrained from writing to her what the Mistress of Righteous Indignation thought.  I work very hard to avoid being judgmental (and the Goddess sends me the best teachers for that!).  However, what I did do was calm down, breathe and think about why she was not manifesting Money and Prosperity.  I think I asked her ten questions in my Email reply.  When she got back to me, she stated that there were three things that she was not doing, including forgiving herself and others.

Since then, I use those questions as a Goddess-Graced Guideline when people are not Prospering.

Ladies and gentlemen, in short, I give you this “Honoring Your Prosperity” post to Lovingly, but firmly Re-Mind you of a Divine Idea in my Mind, which I know to be a Spiritual Truth: You deserve to Prosper.  All.  The.  Time.

Whatever you have acquired to be more Prosperous, whatever you have learned to become more Prosperous, I wholeheartedly urge you to “work your program.”

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  Please comment on what you learned or re-learned from this post, as well as what shifted for you.  Of course, if any Money Miracles manifested for you after reading it, I would LOVE to hear about them!

May you and yours have an Affirming, Blessed, Crystalized and Divinely Prosperous weekend.

Either literally or figuratively, you deserve this and more.

2 comments on ““Honoring Your Prosperity: Working Your Program”

  1. thanks you for these RE-minders! Sometimes things go really well and then I forget to keep using what works and then I find myself, well, not prospering. So, here we go . . .


    • Holly, now more than ever, it is a Divine Idea in my Mind that when our lives are truly magnificent is when to especially continue to use the Metaphysical Methods and Sacred Tools that bring Peace, Health and Plenty into our lives and into our worlds.

      May you continue to use your Wondrous Words of Power–both written and spoken–to create Worlds of Wondrous Wealth, Goddess Grace and Luscious and Lavish Love.

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