Some Simple Pleasures…

Dear blog followers and readers, this is a more “Mundane” than “Mystical” post, so here goes…


1. Lemonade and iced tea combo;

2. Seeing studly men with deliciously hairy legs walking around my neighborhood (and given that I do not live in New York City, who would have thought some of them live around here?!);

3. Lounging in bed;

4. Being nuzzled by any one of my three beautiful cats (all at the same time would be lovely, but Isis, the Alpha Female, is not having any of that!);

5. A really good murder mystery;

6. PORN!;

7. Sleeping (which is truly under-rated, even by the Metaphysical Communities);

8. A big pot of herbal tea, regardless of the weather;

9. Spending minutes or hours writing in my journals;

10. Empanadas with guava and cheese (YUM!);

11. Listening to Contemporary R & B;

12. Cooling breezes caressing my Body and Soul;

13. A clear and open Heart Chakra.


What are some of your simple pleasures?

“Simple Pleasures,” by Jocelyn Cheng.

8 comments on “Some Simple Pleasures…

  1. My simple pleasure is enjoying a cup of coffee in the early morning hours, just as the sun is rising and the birds begin to sing; a time that is nice and quiet as if I had the whole world to myself!

    • Now that, tygerbear, sounds like a simple, sublime and Sacred pleasure.

      You have been on my Mind these last few days, and I AM truly proud of and excited with the things you are creating in your life, from becoming an Energy Healing Practitioner to creating a line of jewelry. You truly deserve “nothing but the very best.”

      Thank you for sharing your simple pleasure on my blog, and thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do.

    • James, your comment caused me to literally laugh out loud! I truly needed this laugh.

      Given that I, too, have been camping, the thought of indoor plumbing goes from being a simple pleasure to a sublime one.

      Hmmm. Perhaps my next post shall be about sublime pleasures…

    • Holly, you noticed that I wrote “Sleep is under-rated.” This is not the first time I have written this, on the Internet, and I doubt it shall be the last.

      Seems like all the Witches LOVE sex! Then again, as the Goddess Charged, “All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.”

      I wonder if Peaches is a Capricorn, too…

  2. The first day you wake up after a flu and can breath normally….or maybe I’m a little biased right now. Sex is definitely up there though.

    • Peaches, biased or not, breathing richly and fully sounds like a simple and sublime pleasure to me. I AM quite fortunate that I have a good respiratory system.

      As for sex, oh, yeah!

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